25 February 2007

Round One Updates - The Scores are Comin'

I apologize for the delay in score reporting but there is a good reason for the problem: lack of internet access for my laptop at Harvard.

No worries, I broke into a fun little compy and hijacked the ethernet cord, hacked into the mainframe...and now we're online. And just like Bryan Adams ... everything I do, I do it for you. So if I get arrested for illegal activity - I want all of ya'll vouching for me at the trial.

I also learned something today ... a fun little fact if you will ... Although Harvard is technically in Cambridge, Massachusetts, the athletic facility where we will be reporting from is actually in Allston, Massachusetts (by physical address). Therefore, greetings from Cambridge/Allston/Boston (depending on what computer I am on when reporting).

Anyway, on with the scores, and better late than never, right?