10 February 2007

Sunday From Philadelphia

The chase for the 2007 Ivy League Men's and Women's Fencing Championships begins on Sunday in Hutchinson Gymnasium on the campus of the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. Chuck Yrigoyen and Alex Searle will be on hand to report the results for the first half of the championship. Two weeks later, the completion of the Ivy Championships will take place at Malkin Athletic Center on the campus of Harvard University in Cambridge, Mass.

05 February 2007

Ivy@50: Leigh Hochberg

"If Brown didn't have a fencing team, I probably would've wound up matriculating somewhere else."

And Leigh Hochberg's decades-long association with Brown University has brought him to the cusp of a major medical milestone -- enabling people who are paralyzed to control devices with their minds.

He's the principal investigator for a study using the BrainGate Neural Interface System on live subjects -- in this case, with patients who have lost use of their limbs -- taking place at Harvard's Massachusetts General Hospital. The BrainGate system is a 4mm square (baby aspirin-sized) semiconductor implanted into a patient's motor cortex, the part of the brain that normally controls movement. It then sends motor cortex signals to an outside processor, which translates the signals into computer directives. "The first person [with the implant] controlled a TV, opened simulated email, and transported a piece of candy to someone's hand with a robotic arm," says Hochberg.

For Stephen Eschenbach's full story, please visit Ivy@50.

04 February 2007

Ivy@50: Maya Lawrence

Maya Lawrence is in Europe, working as an "assistante d'angalis" at a lycée (high school) in Paris, through a program administered by the French Embassy in Washington, D.C. She's also training with some of the world's best fencers in preparation for the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, China.

It's a hard path -- competing on a world-class level in preparation for the Olympics, while beginning as a teacher of English as a second language. And Lawrence could have picked an easier venue for this training. When she arrived in France in September 2005 she "didn't know the language. If you start [speaking] in English they get mad at you," she says, "but if you try first in French they're fine."

For Stephen Eschenbach's full story, please visit Ivy@50.

Ivy@50: Bob Cottingham

When Bob Cottingham arrived as a freshman sabre fencer in 1984, Columbia fencing had not won an NCAA title since 1971. When he graduated in 1988, the program just won its second straight championship and would go on to win five titles in seven years. Cottingham was key to the revival of this elite program.

Growing up in Orange, N.J., he "played football and lacrosse, which is my favorite sport," he says. "I can also remember watching other athletes on television in the Olympics." He would soon join those athletes on the Olympic stage.

For Stephen Eschenbach's full story, please visit Ivy@50.

Ivy History: NCAA Champions

Men's Team Champions
1951 Columbia (Servando Velarde)
1952 Columbia (Servando Velarde)
1953 Penn (Lajos Csiszar)
1954 Columbia (Irving DeKoff)
1955 Columbia (Irving DeKoff)
1963 Columbia (Irving DeKoff)
1964 Princeton (Stan Sieja)
1965 Columbia (Irving DeKoff)
1968 Columbia (Louis Bancuti)
1969 Penn (Lajos Csiszar)
1971 Columbia (Louis Bancuti)
1981 Penn (David Micahnik)
1987 Columbia (George Kolombatovich/Aladar Kogler)
1988 Columbia (George Kolombatovich/Aladar Kogler)
1989 Columbia (George Kolombatovich/Aladar Kogler)
1992 Columbia (George Kolombatovich/Aladar Kogler)
1993 Columbia (George Kolombatovich/Aladar Kogler)

Women's Team Champions
1984 Yale (Henry Harutunian)
1985 Yale (Henry Harutunian)
1986 Penn (David Micahnik)

Combined Team Champions
2006 Harvard (Peter Brand)

Men's Individual Foil Champions
1950 Robert Nielson, Columbia
1951 Robert Nielson, Columbia
1954 Robert Goldman, Penn
1956 Ralph DeMarco, Columbia
1963 Jay Lustig, Columbia
1964 Bill Hicks, Princeton
1965 Joe Nalven, Columbia
1969 Anthony Kestler, Columbia
1973 Brooke Makler, Penn
1987 William Mindel, Columbia
1988 Marc Kent, Columbia
1991 Ben Atkins, Columbia
1994 Kwame van Leeuwen, Harvard
1997 Cliff Bayer, Penn
1998 Ayo Griffin, Yale
2001 Jed Dupree, Columbia

Men's Individual Sabre Champions
1941 William Meyer, Dartmouth
1951 Chamberless Johnston, Princeton
1953 Robert Parmocek, Penn
1954 Steve Sobel, Columbia
1955 Barry Pariser, Columbia
1956 Gerald Kaufman, Columbia
1962 Barton Nisonson, Columbia
1967 Todd Makler, Penn
1968 Todd Makler, Penn
1969 Norman Braslow, Penn
1970 Bruce Soriano, Columbia
1971 Bruce Soriano, Columbia
1972 Bruce Soriano, Columbia
1976 Brian Smith, Columbia
1980 Paul Friedberg, Penn
1981 Paul Friedberg, Penn
1988 Robert Cottingham, Columbia
1990 David Mandell, Columbia
1996 Maxim Pekarev, Princeton

Men's Individual Epee Champions
1951 Daniel Chafetz, Columbia
1953 Jack Tori, Penn
1954 Henry Kolowrat, Princeton
1956 Kinmont Hoitsma, Princeton
1957 James Margolis, Columbia
1968 Don Sieja, Cornell
1970 James Wetzler, Penn
1972 Ernesto Fernandez, Penn
1976 Randy Eggleton, Penn
1986 Chris O'Loughlin, Penn
1987 James O'Neill, Harvard
1988 Jay Normile, Columbia
1989 Jay Normile, Columbia
1991 Marc Oshima, Columbia
1993 Ben Atkins, Columbia
1994 Harold Winkmann, Princeton
2001 Soren Thompson, Princeton
2006 Benji Ungar, Harvard

Women's Individual Foil Champions
1984 Mary Jane O'Neill, Penn
1985 Caitlin Bilodeaux, Columbia
1987 Caitlin Bilodeaux, Columbia
1990 Tzu Moy, Columbia
2000 Eva Petschnigg, Princeton
2005 Emily Cross, Harvard

Women's Individual Sabre Champions
2001 Sada Jacobson, Yale
2002 Sada Jacobson, Yale
2005 Emily Jacobson, Columbia

Ivy History: Women's All-Time Standings

Yale (4-0), Penn (3-1), Cornell (2-2), Barnard (1-3), Harvard (0-4).

Penn (4-0), Cornell (3-1), Yale (2-2), Barnard (1-3), Harvard (0-4).

Penn (4-0), Yale (3-1), Columbia (2-2), Cornell (1-3), Harvard (0-4).

Penn (4-0), Columbia (3-1), Yale (2-2), Cornell (1-3), Harvard (0-4).

Penn (4-0), Yale (3-1), Columbia (2-2), Harvard (1-3), Cornell (0-4).

Penn (4-0), Columbia (3-1), Yale (2-2), Harvard (1-3), Cornell (0-4).

Penn (5-0), Columbia (4-1), Harvard (3-2), Yale (2-3), Princeton (1-4), Cornell (0-5).

Columbia (5-0), Penn (4-1), Harvard (3-2), Yale (2-3), Cornell (1-4), Princeton (0-5).

Columbia (5-0), Penn (4-1), Yale (3-2), Harvard (2-3), Cornell (1-4), Princeton (0-5).

Columbia (5-0), Yale (4-1), Penn (3-2), Princeton (2-3), Cornell (1-4), Harvard (0-5).

Penn (5-0), Yale (4-1), Columbia (3-2), Cornell (2-3), Harvard (1-4), Princeton (0-5).

Columbia (5-0), Princeton, Penn & Yale (3-2), Harvard (1-4), Cornell (0-5).

Penn (4-0), Harvard (3-1), Princeton (2-2), Yale (1-3), Columbia (0-4).

Penn (5-0), Yale (4-1), Harvard (3-2), Columbia (2-3), Princeton (1-4), Cornell (0-5).

Yale (5-0), Princeton & Columbia (3-2), Harvard & Penn (2-3), Cornell (0-5).

Yale (5-0), Harvard (4-1), Columbia (3-2), Penn (2-3), Princeton (1-4), Cornell (0-5).

Yale (5-0), Columbia (4-1), Princeton (3-2), Penn (2-3), Harvard (1-4), Cornell (0-5).

Yale, Columbia & Princeton (4-1), Harvard (2-3), Penn (1-4), Cornell (0-5).

Princeton (5-0), Yale (4-1), Columbia (3-2), Penn (2-3), Harvard (1-4), Cornell (0-5).

Princeton (4-1), Yale, Columbia & Penn (3-2), Harvard (2-3), Cornell (0-5).

Yale (5-0), Columbia & Princeton (3-2), Penn (2-3), Harvard (1-4), Cornell (0-5).

Columbia (5-0), Princeton (4-1), Harvard, Penn & Yale (2-3), Cornell (0-5).

Penn (5-0), Columbia (4-1), Princeton (3-2), Harvard (2-3), Yale (1-4), Cornell (0-5).

Harvard (5-0), Columbia (4-1), Penn, Princeton & Yale (2-3), Cornell (0-5).

Harvard (6-0), Columbia (5-1), Penn (4-2), Yale & Princeton (2-4), Brown & Cornell (1-5).

Ivy History: Men's All-Time Standings

Columbia (5-0), Princeton (4-1), Penn (3-2), Yale (2-3), Cornell (1-4), Harvard (0-5).

Columbia (5-0), Princeton & Penn (3-2), Yale (2-3), Cornell (1-4).

Columbia (4-1), Cornell & Penn (3-2), Princeton & Yale (2-3), Harvard (1-4).

Princeton & Yale (4-1), Cornell (3-2), Columbia & Penn (2-3), Harvard (0-5).

Columbia & Princeton (4-1), Penn & Yale (3-2), Cornell (1-4), Harvard (0-5).

Columbia (5-0), Yale (3-2), Penn (2-2), Princeton (2-3), Cornell (1-3), Harvard (1-4).

Columbia (5-0), Princeton (4-1), Cornell (3-2), Penn (2-3), Harvard (1-4), Yale (0-5).

Columbia (5-0), Princeton (4-1), Cornell (3-2), Penn (2-3), Harvard (1-4), Yale (0-5).

Columbia (5-0), Princeton (4-1), Cornell (3-2), Harvard (2-3), Penn (1-4), Yale (0-5).

Columbia (5-0), Princeton (4-1), Penn (3-2), Cornell & Harvard (2-3), Yale (0-5).

Columbia, Penn & Princeton (4-1), Cornell (2-3), Harvard (1-4), Yale (0-5).

Columbia & Penn (4-1), Princeton & Cornell (3-2), Harvard (1-4), Yale (0-5).

Columbia (5-0), Penn (4-1), Princeton & Cornell (3-2), Yale (1-4), Harvard (0-5).

Penn & Princeton (4-1), Columbia (3-2), Harvard (2-3), Cornell (1-4), Yale (0-5).

Columbia (5-0), Penn (4-1), Princeton (3-2), Cornell, Harvard & Yale (1-4).

Columbia (5-0), Penn (4-1), Princeton (3-2), Harvard (2-3), Yale (1-4), Cornell (0-5).

Columbia (5-0), Harvard, Penn & Yale (3-2), Princeton (1-4), Cornell (0-5).

Penn (5-0), Columbia, Cornell & Princeton (3-2), Yale (1-4), Harvard (0-5).

Columbia, Cornell & Harvard (3-2), Penn, Princeton & Yale (2-3).

Cornell & Princeton (4-1), Columbia & Penn (3-2), Harvard (1-4), Yale (0-5).

Penn (5-0), Columbia (4-1), Princeton (3-2), Cornell (2-3), Yale (1-4), Harvard (0-5).

Cornell, Harvard & Penn (4-1), Yale (2-3), Princeton (1-4), Columbia (0-5).

Penn (5-0), Princeton & Yale (3-2), Harvard, Cornell & Columbia (1-4).

Penn (5-0), Princeton (4-1), Columbia (3-2), Harvard (2-3), Yale (1-4), Cornell (0-5).

Penn & Princeton (4-1), Yale & Cornell (3-2), Columbia (1-4), Harvard (0-5).

Penn (5-0), Columbia (4-1), Princeton (3-2), Harvard (2-3), Yale (1-4), Cornell (0-5).

Penn (5-0), Columbia, Princeton & Yale (3-2), Harvard (2-3), Cornell (0-5).

Penn (5-0), Columbia (4-1), Princeton (3-2), Harvard (2-3), Cornell (1-4), Yale (0-5).

Columbia (5-0), Penn (4-1), Princeton (3-2), Harvard (2-3), Cornell (1-4), Yale (0-5).

Yale (5-0), Penn (4-1), Columbia (3-2), Princeton (2-3), Harvard (1-4), Cornell (0-5).

Columbia (5-0), Harvard, Penn & Yale (3-2), Cornell (1-4), Princeton (0-5).

Columbia (5-0), Yale (4-1), Penn (3-2), Princeton (2-3), Cornell (1-4), Harvard (0-5).

Columbia (5-0), Yale (4-1), Princeton (3-2), Penn (2-3), Harvard (1-4), Cornell (0-5).

Columbia (5-0), Yale (4-1), Penn (3-2), Princeton (2-3), Harvard (1-4), Cornell (0-5).

Columbia (5-0), Penn (4-1), Princeton (3-2), Yale (1-3), Cornell (1-4), Harvard (0-4).

Columbia (5-0), Penn, Yale & Princeton (3-2), Harvard (1-4), Cornell (0-5).

Columbia (5-0), Yale (4-1), Penn (3-2), Princeton (2-3), Harvard (1-4), Cornell (0-5).

Columbia (5-0), Yale (4-1), Penn (3-2), Princeton (2-3), Harvard (1-4), Cornell (0-5).

Princeton (4-0), Yale (3-1), Columbia (2-2), Penn (1-3), Harvard (0-4).

Princeton (4-0), Penn, Yale & Columbia (2-2), Harvard (0-4).

Columbia & Yale (3-1), Penn & Princeton (2-2), Harvard (0-4).

Princeton (4-0), Yale (3-1), Columbia (2-2), Penn (1-3), Harvard (0-4).

Columbia & Princeton (3-1), Penn & Yale (2-2), Harvard (1-3).

Penn (4-0), Princeton (3-1), Columbia (2-2), Yale (1-3), Harvard (0-4).

Princeton (4-0), Penn (3-1), Yale (2-2), Columbia (1-3), Harvard (0-4).

Columbia, Penn & Princeton (3-1), Yale (1-3), Harvard (0-4).

Columbia (4-1), Yale (3-1), Penn (2-2), Princeton (1-3), Harvard (0-4).

Columbia & Penn (3-1), Harvard & Princeton (2-2), Yale (0-4).

Columbia (4-0), Penn, Princeton & Harvard (2-2), Yale (0-4).

Columbia & Harvard (3-1), Penn & Princeton (2-2), Yale (0-4).

Harvard (5-0), Columbia (4-1), Princeton (3-2), Penn (2-3), Brown (1-4), Yale (0-5).

Ivy History: Women's All-Ivy

1981-82 Andrea Metkus, Yale; Viveka Fuchs, Harvard; Shelly Hammon, Penn; Diane Mendley, Yale.

1982-83 Lisa Piazza, Barnard; Veronica Marmora, Penn; Andrea Metkus, Yale; Diana Mendley, Yale; Mimi Recker, Penn.

1983-84 Jessica Yu, Yale; Andrea Metkus, Yale; Katie Bilodeaux, Columbia; Mary Jane O'Neill, Penn.

1984-85 Mary Jane O'Neill, Penn; Gail Rossman, Penn; Lisa Piazza, Columbia; Katie Bilodeaux, Columbia; Christine Hamori, Cornell.

1985-86 Katie Bilodeaux, Columbia; Gail Rossman, Penn; Mary Jane O'Neill, Penn; Jessica Yu, Yale; Jane Hall, Penn.

1986-87 Jessica Yu, Yale, Darlene Pratschler, Columbia; Katie Bilodeaux, Columbia; Gail Rossman, Penn.

1987-88 Jane Hall, Penn; Jean Yee, Penn; Gail Rossman, Penn; Christa Weber, Penn.

1988-89 Jane Hall, Penn; Tzu Moy, Columbia; Darlene Pratschler, Columbia; Amee Manges, Columbia; Jean Yee; Penn.

1989-90 Tzu Moy, Columbia; Jill Tobia, Columbia; Judy Weitzman, Penn; Amee Manges, Columbia.

1990-91 Ann Marsh, Columbia; Kris Campbell, Yale; Nicole Gray, Yale; Jill Tobia, Columbia.

1991-92 Anne Gaeta, Penn; Nicole Gray, Yale; Margaret Super, Yale; Jill Tobia, Columbia.

1992-93 Ann Marsh, Columbia; Margaret Super, Yale; Camille Korschun, Yale; Lisa Picken, Princeton.

1993-94 Viktoria Danics, Harvard; Anne Gaeta, Penn; Rachel Iannacone, Penn; Sara Crasson, Harvard; Margaret Super, Yale.

1994-95 Foil — Megumi Sakae, Penn; Viktoria Danics, Harvard; Nina Lightdale, Princeton; Sara Crasson, Harvard; Alison Calabia, Yale. Epee — Susan Ginn, Princeton; Sharon Katz, Yale; Anastasia Gunzberg, Penn; Jennifer Curtis, Columbia.

1995-96 Foil — Alison Calabia, Yale; Caitlin Brown, Columbia; Kate Lane, Columbia; Jill Katz, Harvard; Megumi Sakae, Penn; Katherine Zuckerman, Yale; Cherie Chen, Yale. Epee — Sharon Katz, Yale; Caitlin Rich, Princeton; Tammy Hancock, Penn; Jennifer Curtis, Columbia.

1996-97 Foil — Jill Katz, Harvard; Susan Jennings, Columbia; Caitlin Brown, Columbia; Cherie Chen, Yale; Viki Danics, Harvard; Alison Calabia, Yale; Kate Lane, Columbia. Epee — Caitlin Rich, Princeton; Whitney Anderson, Yale; Anne Estabrooks, Yale; Mallory Stewart, Harvard; Valerie Uzzell, Harvard; Sharon Katz, Yale; Jennifer Curtis, Columbia.

1997-98 Foil — Susan Jennings, Columbia; Kate Lane, Columbia; Katherine Zuckerman, Yale, Hannah Appel, Yale. Epee — Matilde Acerra, Princeton; Kristina Hurme, Princeton; Kari Coley, Penn; Olivia Leon, Penn.

1998-99 Foil — Erinn Smart, Columbia; Susan Jennings, Columbia; Katie Zuckerman, Yale; Sarah Weeks, Yale. Epee — Lindsay Campbell, Princeton; Caitlin Rich, Princeton; Valerie Uzzell, Harvard; Whitney Anderson, Yale.

1999-2000 Foil — Susan Jennings, Columbia; Melinda Rostal, Princeton; Eva Petschnigg, Princeton. Epee — Lindsay Campbell, Princeton; Monica Conley, Columbia; Maya Lawrence, Princeton. Sabre — Sophie Jones, Yale; Helen Liu, Yale; Elizabeth Caputo, Princeton.

2000-01 Foil — Erinn Smart, Columbia; Mindy Rostal, Princeton; Katie Cavan, Columbia. Epee — Maya Lawrence, Princeton; Tamara Knutsen, Harvard; Monica Conley, Columbia. Sabre — Sada Jacobson, Yale; Helen Liu, Yale; Sophie Jones, Yale.

2001-02 Foil — Ellen Blount, Columbia; Katie Cavan, Columbia; Zane Selkirk, Yale. Epee — Lindsay Campbell, Princeton; Erica Korb, Yale; Maya Lawrence, Princeton. Sabre — Sada Jacobson, Yale; Helen Liu, Yale; Catherine Pack, Princeton.

2002-03 Foil — Mindy Rostal, Princeton; Chloe Stinetorf, Harvard; Anne Austin, Harvard; Christina Kaneshige, Penn; Ellen Blount, Columbia. Epee — Kira Hohense, Princeton; Kim Bush, Columbia; Monica Conley, Columbia; Meaghan Phair, Cornell; Jean Goto, Penn. Sabre — Emma Baratta, Columbia; Niki Padula, Columbia; Eunice Yi, Harvard; Christian Robinson, Columbia.

2003-04 Foil — Jacqueline Leahy, Princeton; Cassidy Luitjen, Columbia; Chloe Stinetorf, Harvard. Epee — Holly Buechel, Penn; Erica Korb, Yale; Alexie Rubin, Columbia; Zane Selkirk, Yale. Sabre — Emma Baratta, Columbia; Annika Eiremo, Penn; Niki Padula, Columbia.

2004-05 Foil — Jacqueline Leahy, Princeton; Chloe Stinetorf, Harvard; Emily Cross, Harvard. Epee — Jasmine McGlade, Harvard; Erin McGarry, Princeton; Alexie Rubin, Columbia. Sabre — Carolyn Wright, Harvard; Annika Eiremo, Penn; Katelyn Sherry, Penn; Alexa Weingarden, Harvard.

2005-06 Foil — Jacqueline Leahy, Princeton; Chloe Stinetorf, Harvard; Emily Cross, Harvard; Anne Austin, Harvard; Sara Jew-Lim, Princeton. Epee — Jasmine McGlade, Harvard; Erin McGarry, Princeton; Holly Buechel, Penn; Ruth Schneider, Brown. Sabre — Carolyn Wright, Harvard; Emma Baratta, Columbia; Daria Schneider, Columbia.

Three- and Four-Time All-Ivy League First Team Selections
Since All-Ivy selections began in 1981, four fencers have gained first team All-Ivy honors four times and several have been selected three times.

The four-time selectees are -- Gail Rossman, Penn, 1985-86-87-88; Caitlin Bilodeaux, Columbia, 1984-85-86-87; Susan Jennings, Columbia, 1997-98-99-00; Chloe Stinetorf, Harvard, 2003-04-05-06.

The three-time selectees are -- Andrea Metkus, Yale, 1982-83-84; Mary Jane O'Neill, Penn, 1984-85-86; Jessica Yu, Yale, 1984-86-87; Jill Tobia, Columbia, 1990-91-92; Margaret Super, Yale, 1992-93-94; Alison Calabia, Yale, 1995-96-97; Jennifer Curtis, Columbia, 1995-96-97; Sharon Katz, Yale, 1995-96-97; Kate Lane 1996-97-98; Caitlin Rich, Princeton, 1996-97-99; Katharine Zuckerman, Yale, 1996-98-99; Lindsay Campbell, Princeton, 1999-00-02; Maya Lawrence, Princeton, 2000-01-02; Helen Liu, Yale, 2000-01-02, Mindy Rostal, Yale, 2000-01-03; Monica Conley, Columbia, 2000-01-03; Jacqueline Leahy, Princeton, 2004-05-06; Emma Baratta, Columbia, 2003-04-06.

Ivy History: Men's All-Ivy

1955-56 Foil — Ralph DeMarco, Columbia; William Post, Cornell; Wilford Morioka, Princeton. Sabre — Marvin Stein, Columbia; Seymour Kaplan, Penn; Lester Zuckerman, Yale. Epee — Nyles Ayers, Columbia; Kinmont Hoitsma, Princeton; Alan Hoffman, Princeton.

1956-57 Foil — Arthur Miller, Princeton; Nyles Ayers, Columbia; Joe Trimble, Penn. Sabre — Ed Magnani, Columbia; Dave Silbert, Harvard; Doug Runnels, Harvard. Epee — Jim Margolis, Columbia; Joe Toot, Princeton; Dave Schrager, Penn.

1957-58 Foil — Joseph Trimble, Penn; John Norton, Yale; William Cotton, Cornell. Sabre — Roger Wiley, Cornell; Joseph Bloom, Columbia; Frank Parisi, Columbia. Epee — James Margolis, Columbia; Ritchie Thomas, Cornell; Paul Levy, Princeton.

1958-59 Foil — John Brittain, Princeton; Frank Finnerty, Princeton; Henry Powell, Yale. Sabre — Phil Robinson, Penn; Stewart Reuter, Columbia; Fred Profeta, Yale. Epee — John Modesett, Princeton; Gregory Bradshaw, Penn; David Micahnik, Penn.

1959-60 Foil — John Coe, Princeton; David Fisher, Penn; Martin Zwick, Columbia. Sabre — Fred Profeta, Yale; Stewart Reuter, Columbia; Alan Schwartz, Columbia. Epee — Robert Chapman, Princeton; Kevin McMahon, Penn; Louis VanSlyke, Cornell.

1960-61 Foil — Dick Rothenberg, Columbia; Jay Lustig, Columbia; Jim Adams, Princeton. Sabre — Bart Nisonson, Columbia; Steve Certrullo, Columbia; Lajos Heder, Harvard; Fred Profeta, Yale. Epee — Allan Gardner, Harvard; Dick Fruin, Penn; Dave Jordan, Cornell.

1961-62 Foil — Dick Rothenberg, Columbia; Jay Lustig, Columbia; Jeff Hertzfield, Penn. Sabre — Bart Nisonson, Columbia; Steve Certrullo, Columbia; John Sands, Princeton; Dave Feigenbaum, Cornell. Epee — Ed Cartagno, Princeton; Kevin McMahon, Penn; Donald Margolis, Columbia.

1962-63 Foil — Ron Schwartz, Cornell; Ed Carfagno, Princeton; Jay Lustig, Columbia; Joseph Nalvein, Columbia. Sabre — Reuel Liebert, Columbia; Roger Barzun, Harvard; Jeffrey Fisher, Penn; Laszlo Szereny, Cornell. Epee — Ian Fries, Columbia; Donald Margolis, Columbia; Robert Shlaer, Columbia.

1963-64 Foil — William Hicks, Princeton; Ron Schwartz, Cornell; Daniel Kirsch, Harvard. Sabre — Mark Berger, Columbia; Reuel Liebert, Columbia; Tom Trowbridge, Yale; Jonathan Kolb, Harvard. Epee — Robert White, Princeton; Arthur Peterson, Cornell; Ian Fries, Columbia; Leonard Zwerling, Columbia.

1964-65 Foil — Joseph Nalveln, Columbia; Charles Dooley, Harvard; Thomas Musliner, Harvard; Steve Permut, Penn. Sabre — John O'Sullivan, Princeton; Jonathan Kolb, Harvard; Mark Berger, Columbia. Epee — John McMahon, Penn; Richard Holzman, Columbia; John Jost, Columbia.

1965-66 Foil — James Sisserson, Princeton; Charles Wertheimer, Princeton; Steve Permut, Penn. Sabre — Todd Makler, Penn; Richard Weiss, Cornell; Joseph Padula, Princeton. Epee — Ron McMahan, Penn; Donald Sieja, Cornell; Harry Jergenson, Harvard.

1966-67 Foil — John McKay, Columbia; Takashi Iwasawa, Harvard; Steve Permut, Penn. Sabre — Todd Makler, Penn; Micha Abeles, Cornell; Michael Marion, Cornell. Epee — Blant Fries, Columbia; Javier White, Princeton; Brian Keiden, Harvard; Donald Sieja, Cornell; Larry Pletcher, Princeton.

1967-68 Foil — Jeff Kestler, Columbia; Dennis Law, Penn; John Rose, Princeton. Sabre — Todd Makler, Penn; Michael Marion, Cornell; Frank Lowy, Columbia; Norm Braslow, Penn; Ron Winfield, Harvard. Epee — Jim Wetzler, Penn; Frank McComb, Penn; Don Sieja, Cornell.

1968-69 Foil — Jeff Kestler, Columbia; Dennis Law, Penn; John Nonna, Princeton. Sabre — Norm Braslow, Penn; Ron Winfield, Harvard; Larry Cetrulo, Harvard. Epee — Jim Wetzler, Penn; Ed Buckingham, Yale; Geza Tatrallyay, Harvard.

1969-70 Foil — John Nonna, Princeton; Bruce Lieb, Penn; Anthony Kestler, Columbia; Mark Jaffe, Columbia. Sabre — Larry Cetrulo,Harvard; Bruce Soriano, Columbia; Robert Moore, Penn. Epee — Alfred Cherry, Penn; Vanelli Lovisa, Penn; Mark Irvings, Harvard; Lawrence Rodman, Princeton.

1970-71 Foil — Tom Keller, Harvard; Larry Smoley, Yale; Ron Law, Penn; Gary Pepper, Columbia. Sabre — Larry Cetrulo, Harvard; Bruce Soriano, Columbia; Bill Keslar, Princeton. Epee — Ernesto Fernandez, Penn; Brooke Makler, Penn; Dan Wigadsky, Princeton; Harry Knecht, Columbia; Mark Haselkorn, Columbia.

1971-72 Foil — Gary Pepper, Columbia; Bob Berger, Columbia; Greg Gall, Columbia. Sabre — Bruce Soriano, Columbia; George Bartos, Columbia; Tom Losonczy, Columbia. Epee — Ernesto Fernandez, Penn; Brooke Makler, Penn; Geza Tatrallyay, Harvard.

1972-73 Foil — Brooke Makler, Penn; Julio Valladeres, Cornell; Carl Grant, Penn. Sabre — Tom Losonczy; Columbia; Steve Blum, Yale; Terry Valenzuela, Harvard; William Keslar, Princeton; George Bartos, Columbia; Nilo Otero, Cornell; Edgar House, Yale. Epee — Ernesto Fernandez, Penn; Daniel Wigodsky, Princeton; Ken Torino, Cornell; Howard Perrone, Columbia.

1973-74 Foil — Roy Nonomura, Cornell; Richard Petretti, Princeton; Paul Chew, Columbia; Phillippe Bennett, Harvard. Sabre — Tom Losonczy, Columbia; Dave Jasobsen, Yale; Edgar House, Yale. Epee — Eugene White, Harvard; Larry Kramer, Columbia; Daryl Taylor, Penn.

1974-75 Foil — Jack Tichacek, Penn; Ferenc Deniflee, Columbia; Phillippe Bennett, Harvard. Sabre — Tom Losonczy, Columbia; Edgar House, Columbia; Dave Uffelman, Princeton; Gordon Rutledge, Harvard; Nilo Otero, Cornell. Epee — Lee Shelley, Princeton; Randy Eggleton, Penn; Christopher Ciejek, Penn; Jim Neale, Princeton.

1975-76 Foil — Greg Massialas, Cornell; Steve Gross, Penn; Rich Petretti, Princeton; John Major, Harvard. Sabre — Brian Smith, Columbia; Jim Camparo, Columbia; Chan-Suk Park, Penn. Epee — Christopher Ciejek, Penn; Lee Shelley, Princeton; Randy Eggleton, Penn.

1976-77 Foil — John Harkess, Cornell; Dan Budofski, Cornell; Jack Tichacek, Penn. Sabre — Mike Bierer, Harvard; Dave Arase, Cornell; Bob Pitchard, Yale; Jim Camparo, Columbia. Epee — Jim Neale, Princeton; Bob Hupp, Cornell; Chris Jennings, Harvard; Randy Eggleton, Penn.

1977-78 Foil — Jack Tichacek, Penn; Robert Wolfson, Penn; Wayne Miller, Columbia. Sabre — Dave Nocenti, Princeton; Paul Friedberg, Penn; Bruce Feldman, Yale. Epee — Chris Hanson, Penn; Mike Storm, Penn; Steve Brower, Penn.

1978-79 Foil — Peter Moy, Princeton; Gene Vastola, Harvard; Rich Pantel, Princeton. Sabre — Paul Friedberg, Penn; Young Sohn, Penn; Rob Homer, Harvard; Bob Mills, Columbia. Epee — Chris Hanson, Penn; John McKinley, Penn; Mike Storm, Penn; Vladimir Zlobinsky, Columbia.

1979-80 Foil — Ben Naitove, Yale; Chuck Helms, Princeton; John Greenfield, Yale. Sabre — Paul Friedberg, Penn; Joe Spielman, Penn; Jeff Estabrook, Cornell. Epee — Robert Pavlovich, Princeton; Larry Pastor, Princeton; Paul Schmidt, Princeton.

1980-81 Foil — Valery Rayzman, Columbia; David Merner, Harvard; David Hanower, Harvard. Sabre — Paul Friedberg, Penn; Joel Spielman, Penn; Rick Baum, Penn; John Berson, Princeton. Epee — Ed Bardakh, Columbia; Mike Storm, Penn; John Leung, Penn.

1981-82 Foil — Paul Schmidt, Princeton; Viktor Altschul, Columbia; Martin Bloomer, Yale; Jeffrey Winton, Princeton. Sabre — David Heyman, Harvard; Kevin MacDonald, Yale; Doug Powell, Penn. Epee — Bentley Storm, Columbia; Mike Storm, Penn; John Leung, Penn.

1982-83 Foil — Paul Schmidt, Princeton; Mike Chin, Princeton; Valery Rayzman, Columbia. Sabre — Doug Powell, Penn; Russell Wilson, Columbia; David Donadio, Penn; Tai Park, Columbia. Epee — Ed Bardakh, Columbia; Steve Trevor, Penn; John Leung, Penn.

1983-84 Foil — P.J. Posner, Columbia; Viktor Altschul, Columbia; Michael Merner, Harvard; Larry Wilson, Penn. Sabre — Bill Barton, Columbia; Dick deBrito, Yale; Russell Wilson, Columbia. Epee — Steve Kaufer, Harvard; Charlie Melcher, Yale; Mike Goldsmith, Princeton.

1984-85 Foil — Jerome Demarque, Yale; Mark Griffin, Penn; Tim Mueller, Yale; Peter Safran, Princeton; Ashton Thorogood, Penn; Bill Mindel, Columbia. Sabre — Russell Wilson, Columbia; Robert Cottingham, Columbia; Dirk deBrito, Yale. Epee — James O'Neill, Harvard; Steve Trevor, Columbia; Jesse Deutsch, Penn.

1985-86 Foil — Jerome Demarque, Yale; Ivan Fernandez-Madrid, Columbia; Bill Mindel, Columbia; Tom Thliveris, Princeton; Mark Griffin, Penn; Larry Wilson, Penn. Sabre — Robert Cottingham, Columbia; Russell Wilson, Columbia; Doug Powell, Penn. Epee — Chris O'Loughlin, Penn; Steve Trevor, Columbia; James O'Neil, Harvard.

1986-87 Foil — Jerome Demarque, Yale; Marc Kent, Columbia; Bill Mindel, Columbia. Sabre — Chris Owen, Penn; Chris Reohr, Columbia; Jon Abbey, Columbia; Robert Cottingham, Columbia. Epee — Chris O'Loughlin, Penn, Jon Normile, Columbia; James O'Neill, Harvard.

1987-88 Foil — Alan Weber, Penn; Marty Yu, Yale; Bill Mindel, Columbia. SABRE - Bob Cottingham, Columbia; Chris Reohr, Columbia; Jon Abbey, Columbia; David Stollman, Penn. Epee — Jon Normile, Columbia; James O'Neill, Havard; Marc Oshima, Columbia.

1988-89 Foil — Marc Kent, Columbia; Martin Yu, Yale; Ivan Fernandes-Madrid, Columbia; Al Carter, Penn. Sabre — Chris Reohr, Columbia; David Mandell, Columbia; David Stollman, Penn. Epee — Chris O'Loughlin, Penn; Dan Nowosielski, Princeton; Jon Normile,Columbia.

1989-90 Foil — Alan Weber, Penn; Martin Yu, Yale; Marc Kent, Columbia; Marc Pavese, Columbia. Sabre — Peter Ciemins, Columbia; David Mandell, Columbia; Seung Chai, Yale. Epee — Dan Nowosielski, Princeton; Spenser Thompson, Penn; Dave McMahon, Penn.

1990-91 Foil — Alan Weber, Penn; Chris Maggos, Yale; Mike Liebis, Columbia. Sabre — Sung Chung, Penn; Steve Kovacs, Columbia; Garreth Sarosi, Princeton. Epee — Mike Feldschuh, Columbia; Anthony Loeser, Harvard; John Tinmouth, Yale; Franco Bassegio, Harvard; Mike Wiederhorn, Penn.

1991-92 Foil — Kwame van Leeuwen, Harvard; Marc Pavese, Columbia; James Borin, Yale. Sabre — Steve Kovacs, Columbia; Wylie Cohn, Yale; Garreth Sarosi, Princeton. Epee — Dan Charlick, Columbia; Harald Winkman, Princeton; Tamir Bloom, Penn; Brett Williams, Columbia.

1992-93 Foil — Rob Coway, Columbia; Marc Pavese, Columbia; Tim McCuthcheon, Columbia. Sabre — Steve Kovacs, Columbia; Geoffrey Beran Rose, Yale; Evan Glanxz, Penn. Epee — Christopher Klaus, Princeton; Rhushang Mahta, Penn; Tamir Bloom, Penn.

1993-94 Foil — Kwame van Leeuwen, Harvard; Jadrien Steele, Princeton; Rob Conway, Columbia. Sabre — Kim Phillips, Yale; George Kalmar, Penn; Steve Kovacs, Columbia; Geoffrey Beran Rose, Yale. Epee — David Ensign, Yale; Brett Williams, Columbia; Mark Learned, Yale; Andrew Gumbs, Yale.

1994-95 Foil — Peter Devine, Yale; Dan Kellner, Columbia; Kwame Van Leeuwen, Harvard. Sabre — George Kalmar, Penn; Geoffrey Beran Rose, Yale. Epee — Ian Wyglendowski, Princeton; Christopher Klaus, Princeton; Noah Zucker, Columbia.

1995-96 Foil — David Weeks, Yale; Adam Brown, Penn; Nathan Anderson, Penn; Greg Chang, Harvard. Sabre — Max Pekarev, Princeton; Tim Webster, Yale; David Roy, Columbia. Epee — Ryan Shams, Columbia; Marco Acerra, Princeton; Noah Zucker, Columbia.

1996-97 Foil — Peter Devine, Yale; Dan Kellner, Columbia; Ayo Griffin, Yale; Greg Chang, Harvard; SABRE - Max Pekarev, Princeton; Tim Webster, Yale; Graham Brooks, Princeton; EPEE - Michael Gatner, Harvard; Marco Acerra, Princeton; Jason Burrell, Princeton.

1997-98 Foil — Dan Kellner, Columbia; Cliff Bayer, Penn; Ayo Griffin, Yale. Epee — Mike Gattnar, Harvard; Noah Zucker, Columbia; Marco Acerra, Princeton; Jason Burrell, Princeton; Matt Rosen, Columbia. Sabre — Patrick Durkan, Columbia; Michael Golia, Penn; Max Pekarev, Princeton; Taka Sudo, Yale.

1998-99 Foil — Yaron Roth, Penn; Peter Devine, Yale; Jed Dupree, Columbia. Sabre — Max Pekarev, Princeton; Patrick Durkan, Columbia; Michael Golia, Penn. Epee — Jason Burrell, Princeton; Matt Rosen, Columbia; Marco Acerra, Princeton; Mitchell Slep, Princeton.

1999-2000 Foil — Jed Dupree, Columbia; Kevin Eriksen, Columbia; Ayo Griffin, Yale. Sabre — Patrick Durkan, Columbia; Mike Golia, Penn; James Wallen, Princeton. Epee — Cameron Hill, Yale; Marcus Weickel, Yale; Mitchell Slep, Princeton.

2000-01 Foil — Peter Cellini, Yale; Yaron Roth, Penn; Jed Dupree, Columbia. Sabre — Patrick Durkan, Columbia; Ed Chou, Princeton; Mike Brosterman, Princeton; Terry Kim, Princeton; Andrew Sohn, Columbia. Epee — Soren Thompson, Princeton; Matt Fitzgerald, Princeton; Charles Hamann, Penn; Henry Pruitt, Columbia.

2001-02 Foil — Jeff Breen, Penn; Yale Cohen, Penn; Kevin Eriksen, Columbia; Nico Jaspers, Columbia; Andrew Radu, Penn. Sabre — Bryon Igoe, Yale; Andrew Sohn, Columbia; Mitsuhiro Sudo, Yale. Epee — Matt Fitzgerald, Princeton; Soren Thompson, Princeton; Cameron Hill, Yale; James Rohrbach, Yale.

2002-03 Foil — Andrew Radu, Penn; Cory Werk, Yale; Jeremy Sinkin, Columbia. Sabre — Tim Hagaman, Harvard; David Jakus, Harvard; Andrew Sohn, Columbia. Epee — Soren Thompson, Princeton; Julian Rose, Harvard; Ben Solomon, Princeton; Michael Yalbon, Columbia.

2003-04 Foil — Andrew Radu, Penn; Stephen Gavalas, Penn; Enoch Woodhouse, Harvard. Sabre — Andrew Sohn, Columbia; Alex Krul, Columbia; Paul Reyfman, Columbia. Epee — Ben Solomon, Princeton; Michael Yalbon, Columbia; Julian Rose, Harvard; James Rohrbach, Yale.

2004-05 Foil — Scott Sugimoto, Columbia; Alejandro Bras, Princeton; Enoch Woodhouse, Harvard. Sabre — Tim Hagamen, Harvard; Paul Reyfman, Columbia; David Jakus, Harvard. Epee — Soren Thompson, Princeton; Ben Solomon, Princeton; James Rohrback, Yale.

2005-06 Foil — Scott Sugimoto, Columbia; Ron Berkowsky, Penn; Kal Itameri-Kinter, Harvard. Sabre — Tim Hagamen, Harvard; James Williams, Columbia; Alex Krul, Columbia. Epee — Ben Solomon, Princeton; Michael Pearce, Yale; Max Czapansky, Columbia.

Three- and Four-Time All-Ivy League First Team Selections
Since All-Ivy selections began in 1956, numerous fencers have gained first team All-Ivy honors four times and several have been selected three times.

The four-time selectees are:
FOIL Mike Storm, Penn, 1978-79-81-82; Bill Mindel, Columbia, 1985-86-87-88.
SABRE Tom Losonczy, Columbia,1972-73-74-75; Paul Friedberg, Penn, 1978-79-80-81; Russell Wilson, Columbia, 1983-84-85-86; Bob Cottingham, Columbia, 1985-86-87-88; Steve Kovacs, Columbia, 1991-92-93-94; Max Pekarev, Princeton, 1996-97-98-99; Andrew Sohn, Columbia, 2001-02-03-04.
EPEE James O'Neill, Harvard, 1985-86-87-88; Marco Acerra, Princeton, 1996-97-98-99; Soren Thompson, Princeton, 2001-02-03, 05; Ben Solomon, Princeton, 2003-04-05-06.

The three-time selectees are:
FOIL Jay Lustig, Columbia, 1961-62-63; Jack Tichacek, Penn, 1975-77-78; Jerome DeMarque, Yale, 1985-86-87; Alan Weber, Penn, 1988-90-91; Marc Pavese, Columbia, 1990-92-93; Rob Conway, Columbia, 1992-93-94; Kwame van Leeuwen, Harvard, 1992-94-95; Dan Kellner, Columbia, 1995-97-98; Peter Devine, Yale, 1995-97-99; Ayo Griffin, Yale, 1997-98-00; Jed Dupree, Columbia, 1999-00-01; Andrew Radu, Penn, 2002-03-04.
SABRE Fred Profeta, Yale, 1959-60-61; Todd Makler, Penn, 1966-67-68; Larry Cetrulo, Harvard, 1969-70-71; Bruce Soriano, Columbia, 1970-71-72; Edgar House, Yale, 1973-74-75; Geoffrey Beran Rose, Yale 1993-94-95; Patrick Durkan, Columbia, 1998-99-00; Michael Golia, Penn, 1998-99-00; Tim Hagamen, Harvard, 2003-05-06.
EPEE Don Sieja, Cornell, 1966-67-68; Ernesto Fernandez, Penn, 1971-72-73; Randy Eggleton, Penn, 1975-76-77; John Leung, Penn, 1981-82-83; Steve Trevor, Penn, 1983 & Columbia, 1985-86; Chris O'Loughlin, Penn, 1986-87-89; Jon Normile, Columbia, 1987-88-89; Noah Zucker, Columbia, 1995-96-98; Jason Burrell, Princeton, 1997-98-99.

In addition, Paul Schmidt, Princeton, was selected twice in epee, 1980-82, and once in foil, 1983.

Women: Yale 19, Cornell 8 (sample)

The first half of the Ivy League Fencing Championship is taking place at Hutchison Gym on the campus of the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. Below is the latest match report.

Sabre: Yale, 6-3
Yale: Erin Frey 2-1, Carly Guss 3-0, Genevieve Tauxe 1-2.
Cornell: Alex Weiss 2-1, Elise Pasoreck 0-3, Ivana Zgalick 1-2.

Foil: Yale, 8-1
Yale: Alisa Mendelsohn 3-0, Diana Schawlowski 3-0, Jennifer Cohen 2-1.
Cornell: Celia Smith 1-2, Shannon Flatley 0-3, Jessica Cho 0-3.

Epee: Yale, 5-4
Yale: Tejas Srinivas 1-2, Isadora Botwinick 1-2, Anne Nguyen 3-0.
Cornell: Meghan Phair 2-1, Erica Waichman 1-2, Lindsey Reul 1-2.

Ivy Records: Yale 2-3, Cornell 1-5